Welcome to Maxim Advertising

Credentials / Accreditations

Maxim Advertising has all the credentials of a bona fide advertising agency and is accredited / registered with all relevant agencies and media, including:

  • All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS)

  • Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA)

  • Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA)

  • Press Information Department (PID), Govt. of Pakistan

  • Pakistan Television Corporation

  • Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation

In respect of credentials, the hallmark of Maxim Advertising’s track record is that it has never ever been suspended or blacklisted by any of the above agencies / media.

Maxim Group is a Karachi-based group of companies having full-fledged offices in Islamabad and Lahore and nationwide business operations. The Group’s major business interests are in advertising, real estate marketing, real estate development, housing and construction, and PR.


Contact Us

  • Address: Noble Heights, Mezznine Floor, University Road, Karachi
  • Phone : (021) 34938993-6
  • Email : info@maximgroup.pk